GC Race Rules and FAQs?

GC League is a multi-stage racing platform. We rely on Strava's activities and segment matching mechanism.

GC stands for 'General Classification'.
The general classification (or the GC) in bicycle racing is the category that tracks overall times for bicycle riders in multi-stage bicycle races.
Each stage will have a stage winner, but the overall winner in the GC is the rider who has the fastest time when all the stage results are added together and compounded.
Registering is very simple. It can be done in 2 simple steps:
1. Click on the orange "Connect to Strava" button on our homepage.
2. Fill out a waiver form.
That's it. Once complete the above steps you will be registered.
If you have any problems or further questions you can contact us here
We rely on Strava's timing and segment matching technology.
If Strava's segment matching did not pick up your effort, you should check why it was missed. We cannot qualify your effort if it was not approved by Strava.

If the segment is shown in your ride, check that you fully completed your registration (see above).

Every athlete is ranked for each stage by the elapsed time it took him to complete the stage. Athletes are ranked for the stage (by their times) and get scores based on their position.
The fastest rider will be ranked '1'. The second fastest will be ranked '2'. This is the score you carry for the GC Overall ranking.
An athlete that didn't qualify for a stage will be ranked last and will carry that score for the GC Overall ranking.
All teams are ranked within a stage based on the team's average time it took to complete the segment. Once a team gets a rank for the stage - it's position is carried to the GC Teams Overall ranking.
Relax! All participants gets two 'life savings'.
If you missed a stage and as a result you are ranked as last - we will automatically erase your two worst efforts.
We will ignore your two worst ranks for all individuals and teams. So even if you didn't miss a stage but performed poorly - we got you covered.
Take a shower. Relax. Recover.
Once your activity was uploaded to Strava and the segment was matched, we will pick your effort and rank it. By the time you get out of the shower you should see it already.
We have a page for that!
Check out our schedule page to see when and which segments are open to race.
Check out our schedule page. For each stage we provide a GPX file you can download and use.
A blue circle means a missing result. If you did not participate in a stage we will rank you last and put a blue circle around your position. That score will be added to your overall score.
Remember, we will ignore your two worst scores automatically so don't stress up if you missed a stage.
Yes. Your effort should be public on Strava within 24 hours.
If you completed the segment and your activity was set to 'private' we cannot collect your effort. If you set an activity to public after the cut-off date - we will not approve your result. This is to prevent from athletes to play the overall ranking by hiding their real results.
We are going to create very diverse stages. You will have climbs, sprints, single tracks, all-mountain, and flats. No rider will have a competitive advantage. The best and fastest rider wins!
Only the current 'open to race' and previous stages are visible. Future stages are hidden on purpose! We will reveal a segment 3 days before it open to race.
No. Team members can choose to ride whenever they feel like. They can choose to ride together or separately. No matter what we will collect your effort and assign it to the team's result.
No! We do not provide any insurance for league's members. We are not liable in any way for your health and safety! PLEASE RIDE SAFELY!!!
Take a moment and read our terms and conditions!
We only collect information that is publicly available on Strava. If you set an activity to private we will not have access to it.
A team is a group of up to 6 members. For every stages we take the team's 3 fastest riders and calculate an average time. The team's average time is ranked against other team's results.